Touhou Fan Game ~Rehearsal~

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Touhou Fan Game ~Rehearsal~ Empty Touhou Fan Game ~Rehearsal~

Post  NekoHinanai on Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:12 pm

Title : [C76] Touhou Game Rehearsal (東方大運動会博麗大乱闘Rehearsal) + 1.04 Patch

Genre : Battle
Version : Japan
Size : 25MB

Preview :

Download: ?tyohhjcybta (Mediafire)

Touhou Fan Game ~Rehearsal~ C76+Touhou+Game+Rehearsal+Title

Touhou Fan Game ~Rehearsal~ C76+Touhou+Game+Rehearsal

A new version with new characters will be out for C81 AND there is NETPLAY OPTION which is awesome Very Happy

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