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Post  VaiZAN on Mon Oct 03, 2011 5:32 pm

I-it's not like I make this because I have nothing better to do!


Name: Vai ZAN
Nick: Essefantasia/Seven-Tailed Kitsune
ZAN's Kitsune Tower of Slack 582094-kenshiro_pic3_super
Height: Just average yo.
Weight: 3600kg : 60kg x 5kg - 240kg.
Age: ∞
Occupation: Slacker extraordinaire & Touhou person.
Liked food: Fried tofu.
Disliked food: Hobo.
Liked beverage: Tea.
Disliked beverage: Hobo's blood.
Activities: Danmaku, Soku, Danmaku, Soku, Danmaku, Soku, Danmaku, Soku, First-Person Shooting, Slack, Slack, Slack, Slack, Procrastinate, Danmaku, Soku, and so on, so on, so on.
Religion: Touhou-ism.
God: ZUN.
Things liked: Mofu mofu tails, peoples that are "so lovely♥", Okuu♥♥♥, Yuukarin-neesama, Yukarin-neesama, Yuyuko-neesama, Slack master Koma-chan, Paruparu-chan, Reimuuuu, Marisa zeee, Alice is moe!, Sanae is a good girl.
Things disliked: Non-mofu tails, peoples that are "so lovely♥", mudkips.
Blood Type: Z.
IQ: Over 9000.

Soku stuffs:

Name: Seven-Tailed Kitsune
Current Class: Lunatic (low)
Desc: This player doesn't care about theories most of the time, play in a "just play" way, have a penchant for using Random Select, and can be pretty annoying in that he used chars he said he totally can't use (example: Remi) but somehow still kills you at times. He himself really doesn't understand how in the name of ZUN did he managed to kill anyone using those chars, but it just happened. Play against with utmost care so he doesn't troll you in one way or another even though he doesn't even mean to troll you. I swear, I doesn't mean to troll anyone!

Main: Okuu.
Sub-main: Yuyuko & China.
Can play better (can still kill Lots of peoples, somehow): Suika, Iku, Tenshi, Sakuya.
Can play (can still kill peoples in a way or two, somehow): Komachi, Reimu, Marisa, Youmu, Aya, Sanae, Reisen.
Can play just a little bit (can still kill peoples, somehow): Yukari, Cirno, Patchy.
Total Failure (might still kill peoples somehow. WTF. He himself doesn't understand how): Suwako, Remi, Alice.
*"Peoples" refers to peoples who actually know what they did (Say, at least Normal Class), not new players. Hence, "somehow".

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