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Winter Hotaru the shameless noob Empty Winter Hotaru the shameless noob

Post  hota-chan on Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:25 pm

Gender: I'm a proud young lady
Height:159cm(I think I'm short, but my friends don't think so)
Weight:55kg(going to increase)
Location: Malaysia
Likes:a good discussion~
Hates:people only agreeing, hypocrites, cocky ones,

Tropes associated to me:
Cloud cuckoo lander
The Snark Knight
Butt monkey on occasion
Heavy Sleeper
My name is not Durwood(people tend to misspell my real name)
Hikikomori(once, but no more)
Shrinking Violet(once, but now on occasion)
Meaningful name(real name means the successful, not that I'm truly successful at anything yet)
Beware the nice ones
Master of none
etc etc

about Hisoutensoku
-a noob(weaker than stifler)
-Yuyuko main, forgotten how to use anyone else
-is progressing

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