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Post  Itamaru on Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:43 am

Gender : I have two distinctive sex chromosomes
age: 21
Height: around 175 i think
Weight: around 67 i think
Race: Chinese(dont know wad is the correct term for it)
Location (Malaysia)
IQ: i dont believe in IQ
Tsundere or Yandere: i have both elements
I like my Waifu to be: Strong, Honest, Intelligent, wear simple attires(preferably only a T-shirt)

- Anime
- Touhou
- strategy games
- Humble people
- Criticism (as long is relevant for my own improvement)

- Trolls
- Hypocrite/Double Standard
- Racist
- Extremely Prideful People (having some pride is okay)

Soku Related
Rank: OTL''
Main: Okuu currently (derping all the time)
Other Character: Only Dial-A for combo
Experience: 4 month
-To Spread the Hisou fanbase in Malaysia
-reach at least Lunatic level(Phantasm if possible)

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