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Post  AhoiZ on Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:15 am

"You can learn the basics from your master,but you can't become a good fighter if you only follow what your master told you"

Nicknames : AhoiZ a.k.a. Spartaboy
Occupation : university student
Age : They always call me "hey,uncle" or "hey,old man"...
Weight : Huuugggeeeeeee (around 80's)
Height : In the tall category (180cm)
Games : Touhou,Assassin's Creed series,Call of Duty series,and Visual Novels
Hobbies :
-Soku (it's hard to find another soku player in my university so I always play with bot T_T )
-Manga,anime,doujinshi,& music
Favorite Food : Dimsum

Hisoutensoku life
rank : a complete n00b
Main character : still looking for one

I'm looking forward to everybody's guidance. :bow:


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