TH12.3 Hisoutensoku Ver 1.10a , Eng patch Ver 1.1

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TH12.3 Hisoutensoku Ver 1.10a , Eng patch Ver 1.1

Post  ArosWindel on Sun Oct 16, 2011 6:18 am

On 22/9/11 Tasofro apparently released a patch for
Touhou 12.3 from version 1.10 to 1.10a, and a
translation patch to match that is also up from
version 1.0 to 1.1

TH12.3 Changes (My ruff Translation):
(Fixed the bug that makes FPS go over 60)
(Fixed something about Network's fraglieness) [I'm gona guess it's about security or connection strength]

TH12.3 Eng changes (From the "Readme" File):
- Updated for v1.10a.
- Fixed the clipping of the left side of some text.
- Fixed the BGM names in matches.
- Profile names now support SJIS correctly.
- Minor typo and alignment fixes.

TH12.3 Patch From Tasofro Site:
東方非想天則 Update File Ver1.10a

English Patch From
SWRS English Patch v. 1.1

If I made an error in the translation someone please correct me.

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